Boarding Mares.

We have over 150 acres and more than 50 stables. If you would like to board your horse we cater for barren and maiden mares, mares in foal, mares and foals, young horses, yearlings and foals.
We also offer beautiful surroundings for the resting of racehorses, so if you have a racehorse out of training or in need of a break then please give us a call as we can accommodate your racehorse for any length of time.Foaling: We have excellent facilities for foaling with CCTV cameras, 24 hour care and round the clock access to veterinary services. Annually we foal between 100 and 120 mares, both from Ireland and Northern Ireland as owners and breeders travel many miles to use our Stud. Foals are well-handled from the start and will be routinely vaccinated and microchipped in preparation for registrationSales Prep:We offer a sales package which includes preparing horses for major sales in the autumn and winter.  We prepare mares, foals, yearlings and older horses.
We treat each horse as an individual and know that routine is essential for horses to thrive and grow. With cutting edge nutritional advice to the best staff in the business. Horses which we prep have made record prices for our customers at several sales in recent years and gone on to become future champions.

Spelling Racehorses

The importance of rest and recuperation for our equine athletes cannot be undervalued in the demanding environment of today’s racing industry.  So it is no surprise that our spelling facilities continue to go from strength to strength.
Since opening our doors to spellers in 2007 we have gained the support of an incredibly loyal group of owners and trainers who continue to entrust us with some of their stables’ highest profile residents. “We are very happy with the results of sending our mares to board at Richard Du Monte They always return to us in superb condition.” John Sherpa

Young Stock

Our well maintained, spacious facilities and fenced paddocks allow for the development and boarding of young stock. Yearlings can be stabled over the Winter months or ‘rugged’ and left to graze. Sale horses can be prepared for those all important sales dates.

Veterinary Services

There is a wealth of very experienced vets nearby, including Troytown Grey Abbey with whom David has worked for over 10 years. They have a strong record of getting difficult mares in foal.

Sales Preparation

At Baroda Stud we pride ourselves on providing the best possible preparation for horses going to the sales. We prefer to prepare the horses for sale at our studs, an historic farm with over 400 acres in the heart of Ireland’s Thoroughbred County.

Our eight-week yearling sales preparation program is informed by international study and years of experience, and is designed to ensure that each horse arrives at the sale in brilliant shape, ready to perform to the best of its ability. We treat each horse as an individual and know that routine is essential for horses to thrive and grow.

From cutting edge nutritional advice to the best staff in the business, Baroda Stud’s pursuit of excellence in sales preparation is unstinting, benefiting your horses and allowing you achieve your sales ambitions.